Little Eliza takes center stage!

Sometimes the stars align and a session is altogether dreamy. The baby is sleepy and content during the session, the colors and props and styling seem on point and you are over the moon excited to edit the images. This is what happened with little Eliza. She was a star! And as I learned her mom has the patience of a saint! See, we photographed Eliza and parted ways. I edited a sneak peek for mom and then disaster struck. My hard drive failed (now don't panic - I back everything up over and over again). I was without a computer for editing for over two weeks. This means Katie had to patiently wait longer than usual to see her sweet girl's gallery. Most moms would be stressed over getting these images, but Katie showed me tremendous grace and patience as she waited for her images. So I am over the moon thrilled to send her gallery out today!.

Remember when you are looking for a newborn photographer in Greenville SC, pick someone that is a professional. Someone who is licensed. Someone who values the snuggles they get with your little one during a session and most importantly, someone who backs up their data in multiple places even though it costs extra!!

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